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Saying Goodbye To My Little Buddy

A lot has been going on and yes, that means a lot has gone on while not being posted about. Well, one thing in particular just happened and I'm not about to let it go by without a mention.

Our beloved dog Trix passed away. His health decayed rapidly in just about a weeks’ time. Though his eyesight had been getting bad, he had always had a decent quality of life. Then something happened last week and that quality was lost. We took him to the vet and got him on pain meds and other stuff, but the downward spiral had begun in earnest.

The poor boy was having a hard time even going to the toilet and we had to resort to giving him an enema to get things flushed out. We also had to use a syringe to give him food and water, even cooked him some special pumpkin puree in hopes of making him happy and wanting to eat again, but nothing whetted his appetite or zest for life. In the end there were signs that the not eating and drinking were taking a toll. He was 15 years old and couldn't take surgery; besides it wasn't a guarantee that it was only the suspected pinched nerve in his back that was the cause for him being in pain. His bloodwork showed that his kidneys and liver were failing too. So we did what we believe was the only humane thing to do. We had him put down.

The wife and I had already discussed the option of euthanasia during the week as I was fearful of how this might all work out. I don't believe in making a dog (or even a person) suffer needlessly if there was no possibility of recovery to where you had adequate quality of life. It would have strictly been out of our own selfishness if we had decided to keep trying different medications, or put the poor guy through an operation at his age (105 in human years if you believe that stuff). So yeah, I brought it up; I was going to be strong for my wife. This had been her beloved companion since 2000, while I've only truly known him for the three years I've been here. We were prepared for the worst and when the time came, we took it standing up.

Then it was the wife who was there for me. Despite being a tough guy, this proved to be a bit too much for me. Trix had been the alpha and when we first met, had made it clear that it was his job to protect Mandy and until I could prove to not be a threat, he would be keeping an eye on me. As time passed, Trix must have seen how I made Mandy happy and how I also worked hard to earn his friendship. How I was gentle with him when I picked him up, and how I ignored his anger for the affront to his dignity by doing exactly that. In that last week he relied on me more than ever and I carried him from room to room for everything. He even slept pushed up against me, something he would never have done previously as he was afraid to be up on the bed. So in the end it was me that needed the most comforting. I guess the little guy and I had really made a bit of a history between us.

I'll miss that little guy, and nothing I can do will replace him. We will scatter his ashes next month as this is what we want. Building shrines out of his remaining items won't make his memories any richer. Nor do other people’s temples to their departed pets mean they loved or cared more than we did. That being said, there are a couple of trinkets we will save, plus we have so many photos that recall his life. He will always be remembered.

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