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August is Here!

Woohoo! August is here! There is so much to look forward to this month I can hardly keep up on it all. Currently we are in the 7th lunar month so we have all that going on.

Tomorrow, the 2nd, I'm going down to find out details on my volunteering for Chinatown’s mid-autumn festivities. In case you forgot, it's like my new favorite holiday and I've posted photos from both 2012 and 2013, when I even helped set a Singapore record!.

So back to tomorrow. There is the National Day Preview fireworks later that night. Then there is the actual National Day Parade on the 9th that we have tickets for. That's gonna be awesome.

I'm mending well from the crash, so I should be back to skateboarding long distances soon. Took a 5.5 km bike ride today, but it got my wrist sore as hell. So I'm gonna have to mend a bit more before venturing out on some long adventures.

There will be more bracelet designs to look forward to with a few added surprises!

The new Instagram account is taking off and should be a lot of fun seeing things that may not have a whole story to write about.
Random chair
Example: odd chair left outside

The new 'Doctor Who' series starts up August 23rd, something both my wife and I are totally geared up for and looking forward to.

Then there will be the next chapter on Kevin Keys' book 'Zombie Tower'. And of course more from Chilli Padi and...well, a whole lot more!


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