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Been Awhile

You may have noticed that the posts on this website came to a stop there for a bit and suddenly I'm back with a bunch of bracelet-making ideas. Well, it's sorta easy to explain.

We upgraded our internet to fiber broadband. This was an awesome idea, except that I was running Linux Mint 14 on my desktop and couldn't get the wifi to work. This was a problem because with the new internet service, the router had to be in the living room rather than the bedroom where it was nice and close to me so I could completely hardwire my system. So I had to slowly and rather painfully move everything off the computer so I could upgrade to the latest version of Linux Mint. The whole process took quite a while.

During that 'down time', I was working on bracelets and gathering something of a following on Instagram. Turns out friendship bracelets are still as popular today as they were in 1987 when I started making them. So there is likely going to be a lot more posts explaining how I tie knots, as well as catching up on the events of the last couple of months.

Just because I didn't have internet didn't mean my life stopped. Quite the contrary. There was National Day on the floating platform. Several night outings of steelwool photography. As well as other shenanigans of sorts. Looking forward to catching up with all the fun, and thank you for not giving up on me in the meantime.

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