Creating Diamonds in a Friendship Bracelet

Here I’m using my graph paper to see if an idea is feasible. I think I explained it in the video, but I’m doing this part for people who may need a translation. The idea came from

It’s not shown in the video because I’m not great with the video editor yet. Lol! So consider this a website exclusive!

I’m using graph paper that’s 1200px wide by 5600px long – the same one I made in the tutorial Graph Paper.

I’m adding where I want the color to be as well as how the strings got there. It shows me how the string flows and most importantly helps me learn where the strings have to be when I start the bracelet.

As I worked my way down the left it became obvious that the design was feasible. Then once I get the right side done I felt I was done.

You could map out the entire thing if that’s something you’re interested in, perhaps to have an entire catalog if that’s your goal. I don’t do it personally. It’s just a lot of unnecessary work, especially if the pattern just repeats.

I didn’t set the background color, in this case white, as it makes it harder to view on the computer. You can always substitute for color in your work. Say you wanted to make this design in fading shades of blue, I’d still use the rainbow in the design to help me keep track of where the strings are. Distinct colors helps make it visibly striking and easier to follow.

As I’m sure you noticed from the thumbnail, it totally worked out and is awesome. I hope I’ve provided inspiration and am looking forward to answering any questions you might have.

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