Friendship Bracelet Bag Base – ‘Cos it’s all about the base!

I hope the video was self-explanatory, but I like to add a bit of content here for people who need to translate, while also keeping my website relevant.

Image from back when my first bag was fresh!

The style of this base was to divide the cylinder into 6 equal parts and bring the diamond shapes down. Next, I joined the strings to each other to close off the base.


Wife’s complicated bag.


This bag ends similarly to the first. The difference is there were 4 parts and 2 of those were squared off to make it elongated like a cardboard box.


First time I made a base using a ‘drop string’ method.


Bag used in the video as an example. Here you can see it tapering in.


My other example from the video.


The idea is that if you had a small bag like that one I just shared. It has 96 strings. If you ‘dropped’ 6 from each row by tying the knot over two strings rather than just the normal one, the circumference will be just a bit smaller each time. Do this slowly and methodically and you will close up the bag without a seam and it will be as strong as the sides of the bag.


I usually tie over the dropped string for at least 4 knots before letting it fall into the hole that is closing up. As it gets smaller that becomes more of a challenge and only after it’s completely closed off do I trim off the strings. It might not be necessary, but doing it this way means if I made a mistake I could untie some knots and redo it.


Same concept!


Still have questions? Let’s have ’em! Some lucky people will win a bracelet made by me just for asking questions.

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