A lesson on how to do it yourself

So I saw this posted with the question I see way too often from knotters. What’s the pattern? So I’m going to attempt to show how to work that out for yourself. Give me time between images as I do have other stuff going on.


Though many patterns were offered, the one with 14 strings was correct. If you look close you can always count the strings. However, the pattern given would have sucked as how it offered to start would have added to the difficulty. I’ll work on that next.


If you have to use graph paper I suggest it be like this. Then if needed you can work out the strings directions if you are having difficulty visualizing it. Note I didn’t use black in the image as that would match the lines that make the boxes and make it difficult to “paint” it in with a different color if I had made a mistake.


Notice I make it start with an inverted v shape at a point that makes it convenient.


If you have to color in the string directions I recommend starting with the obvious bits. It will make things work out much faster.


All colored in! The pattern repeats so it’s not like you should really need to have it worked out any further.


I’m substituting the green for black. I’ve cut 10 strings as I plan to double em up. That will become more apparent why in a couple more photos.

Set up for the kumi with the 10 strings.

Tying a knot in two of the strings before you start the braid will keep it from trying to unravel when you are beginning the bracelet.


Tie a knot when finished with the braided bit and it’s ready to begin.


Using a single knot to set the strings in order.


Adding the colors that only appear once on its own side. Told you I had a reason to double the strings thickness.


Ready to go


It’s off to a start. That’s all it takes to get a design yourself and with it, you have the chance to make changes and really make the design your own. 

Questions and comments are always welcome.

PS. I tried to find the person who made the original to give credit, but the post came from someone asking for a pattern and image searches got me nowhere.





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