Making doubles and more

Getting a bit advanced here

If you are new to knotting I’d not recommend moving on to this step. However, if you are making bracelets and looking for more of a challenge then here is a great place to start.

This is a bit of an advanced version of a single and double as the single is from the middle of the double.

Perhaps we should slow this down and talk about it.

The idea here is that any bracelet you have made can be done twice as wide. The thing you may notice though is an extra row of knots are added as a result of the two coming together. I spoke of that in my HOW TO MEASURE FOR A BAG post.

So let’s look at some examples…

If we were to call this a single, then a double would be…

The colors might make it more difficult to see how this works, but there are the same other than the size. Ready for more complex?

Still the same pattern, just now we have more colors and it’s 6 wide. At this point, it’s extremely advanced and will be covered in a different tutorial.

Ok back to more reasonable examples.

So is the idea clear yet? Because once you understand this, then…

Bags like this with the same pattern become possible.

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