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Color Inspiration

Need inspiration?

We all have trouble at times coming up with a new color combination. I have a solution that should keep you going for many a year to come and it begins with bliss.

Bliss, you say?

Remember Windows Xp and its iconic desktop background?

If you use a cross stitch photo converter you can take an image like bliss and make…

Not my best photo, but you get the idea.

http://www.myphotostitch.com/ is the one I’ve used for quite some time. I’ve used it with my own photos as well as image searches.

This little combination was my “fire and ice” from images I found in a Google image search for those two words. I reduced the number of colors to 4 from each photo and the rest is as they say history.

So go to markets, parks, seasonal events, or just basically anywhere you find intriguing colors and get a photo and convert it to strings and you won’t be hung up on color choices. (see what I did there?)

Got ideas or questions? Leave me a message in the comments.

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