Custom Graph Paper

Friendship bracelet Custom Graph

For this tutorial, you may need a few things including a computer and some free software.

The software I’ll be demonstrating on is called GIMP (Stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program). It’s like PS but I prefer this personally.

You could use something else, but why?

Ok, next you will need these images.


Just right click and save these.

Now let’s make some magic!

Open the first image and under filters, go to maps, then tiles (filters/maps/tiles)

That brings up a window like this…

Unlink the aspect ratio

And now we give it some numbers. This is the awesome bit. If you loop your sting over at the top as I do, you get something like 6 colors equals 12 strands. So here we multiply the original width of 100 by that number of strings. so 6colors equals 600 wide. The exceptions should be obvious like it’s that wide but you used 3 colors. Just use a bit of common sense here and it will work.

Height is really up to you. make it long enough to work out what you need for your design. Too much and it may slow your computer down.

And like magic, it’s the width you wanted. However, it’s not as nice and clean as my example in my previous post. So let’s do that bit now.

We are going to tile the second image I said we would need. but wait for it, the dimensions are different.

The width stays at 100 and the height is the number you chose for the first one we made.

See, you get this skinny strip for the edges. Copy this using CTRL+C

Paste (CTRL+V) the strip on the graph, then click the alignment tool.

Once the alignment tool is selected click the skinny strip (the pasted layer) and the align left as illustrated.

Now go to the layer menu and select anchor layer.

Hit paste again (CTRL+V) and make a second skinny strip and then choose the flip tool as shown. This will make it suitable for the right side.

Once flipped you select the alignment tool like before…

But this time you align right.

Again you anchor the layer and it’s finished!!! Add colors as I’ve shown and make something beautiful!!!


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