my loops

I’ve received a few questions regarding the starting point of my bracelets. The loop is formed by making a Japanese braid called a kumihimo, or kumi for short. To do this easily you will need a disc designed to make the kumi braid.

Now there are lots of tutorials on how to do kumi braids, so I’m going to just give some tips that will make this easier for you. First, if you were cutting 1-meter-long strings to make your bracelet with a braid on both ends, you’re going to double the length so that a short kumi braid is in the middle. I have started this just a bit off center so that both sides will be even once finished. This is more guesswork than science, but doesn’t have to be exact.

Now, this is the trick that should make a huge difference. Tie a knot with the two strings you’re about to start with. This will keep the kumi braid from unraveling. A knot at the end of the braid will also keep that end from unraveling as you set up to make your bracelet.


The rest is really just making bracelets as I’ve talked about in my previous lessons. So why bother with this extra effort in making a bracelet? Well, it’s my thought that it makes the artwork more defined as well as it holds up quite well to everyday wear.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments.

Update: This is what came of that previous image.

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